Privacy Policy for the Visions Holiday Group (Visions of Africa, Islands of Greece, Ilios Travel, Visions in Education and VHG Flights)


Information we receive from clients and our travel partners is retained solely for the purpose of conducting daily business with our suppliers and agents.

When we receive communication from an agent or supplier, it is implied that they wish for us to respond to this communication.

We never pass information to parties outside of our organisation and never use this information for solicitation except in respect to the business transactions related to the initial communication or subsequent information requests


Any information we receive regarding travellers is shared only with suppliers so that they may use this information to book, confirm and provide the services as requested.

Information is shared with our suppliers with the understanding that they will not disclose this information in any way except as needed to provide services meeting the clients’ expectations.

We will password any documents that contain personal information such as passport numbers, date of birth, personal address and these will be processed securely.


Our newsletters are by subscription only.

You will be required to verify your subscription to activate it.

Subscription details are never shared with anyone.

Subscription details are securely stored by either Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

Our agreement with the third parties prohibits them from ever sharing your information in any way.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the link on any newsletter received or by contacting