Rome: Faith & Culture, Italy


Modern and old, and past and present go side by side all the time. You can decide to follow the typical paths or you can be lucky enough to go off the usual tracks. 

The ‘Eternal city’ of Rome is not only represented by its masterpieces of art, breath-taking architecture and its monuments and museums, but by its typical streets and alleyways where one can discover traits of Italian lifestyle, tradition and culture. Don’t forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain before you leave — it is said that this will ensure your return to the Eternal City!

In this Faith & Culture tour you will discover the roots of Catholicism side by side with the ancient ruins of the foundation of modern civilisation. From the Roman Forum and Coliseum to the Vatican City and Pompeii, prepare to be dazzled by the mystique of the past and the rich culture of the this stunning Italian city.