STEM Discovery Experiences in Europe

Our one-of-a-kind STEM tours are on the cutting edge of science education. From Space Science and Marine Biology to Robotics and Design & Technology, we have a tour to give your pupils that fully immersive outside of the classroom experience you’ve been seeking. 

STEM Discovery Experiences in Europe

Engage your pupils in ways you never thought possible. The classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to teach science. However, what if your students could actually experience science hands-on – touch it, smell it, taste it, and see it in action before their eyes? What if they could explore customs, geography and history along the way? What if they could work side-by-side with specialists in fascinating fields? With Visions in Education STEM Discovery, they can! 

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Our European STEM Experiences

  • Design & Technology in Italy

    There’s hardly a better place to learn about design and technology than in Italy! 

    Surrounded by the high-tech ‘super car’ industry, it’s a designers dream!  Join us in Bologna to get a first-hand look at the design, technology and physics that go into some of these incredible cars! 

  • British Automobile Design & Technology

    Get ready to explore fabulous design, technology, & engineering – right in the heart of the UK!  Join us on this exciting, enlightening trip which is sure to motivate your students and reinforce their quest for knowledge!

  • Euro Space & Beyond, Belgium

    Discover space and the ‘final frontier’ with Visions’ exclusive tour to the Euro Space Center.  

    Situated in Belgium and just a short hop over the channel, Euro Space is one of Europe’s best kept science secrets offering an unbeatable combination of price and world-class educational programming.

  • Fire & Ice: Iceland

    Few visitors can travel around Iceland without being deeply touched by its sheer beauty.  Perched on the edge of the Arctic, this picturesque island contains some of the most impressive natural wonders found anywhere in the world.

  • Maltese Science & Geography

    With the Mediterranean Sea lapping at its shores, its striking coastline, picturesque countryside and a rich history, Malta offers an unforgettable destination for your next Science tour! 

  • Munich Design & Technology, Germany

    Having been the home to some of the most prominent researchers in various scientific disciplines, notably physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering, Germany can heighten the inspiration for your pupils as they explore the tech savvy city of Munich.

  • Roman Science & History, Italy

    For young scientists and historians with a passion for archaeology and times gone by, Rome will dazzle the senses. Modern blends with ancient in these streets represented by its feats of engineering, masterpieces of art, magnificent architecture, awe inspiring monuments and world class museums.

  • Sizzling Sicily, Italy

    Sicily is a land of extremes and contrasts, a magnification of all things Italian. It is also an island of enormous intensity, a concentrated distillation of history, architecture and gastronomic delights, where incandescent volcanoes light up the night skies, mountain ranges jostle for supremacy, and where the sea has sculpted a coastline of stunning variety and beauty.

  • German STEM

     From brilliant forests to vibrant cities, Germany is as diverse as it is cultured.  With incredible historical sights and cathedrals, alongside stunning castles that influenced the images of our youth, Germany is a picturesque country full of tradition and warmth.  Think strudel, lederhosen and oompah music coupled with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche!

  • Berlin STEM

    Berlin, Germany’s capital city and known to the world as the ‘City of Freedom’ is modern, creative and cosmopolitan. Since German reunification, Berlin has emerged as a booming capital of modern design that attracts creative science, technology and design entrepreneurs from all over the world with its eclectic and vibrant lifestyle.

  • Barcelona STEM

    With its cosmopolitan feel, relaxed pace of life, spectacular architecture, great Mediterranean weather, stunning beaches, some of the best seafood in all of Europe and its cultural wealth - not to mention quite a good football team - Barcelona has something for everybody.

  • Iceland in Brief

    Few visitors can travel around Iceland without being deeply touched by its sheer beauty, and few can leave the country without a strong vow to return. It’s just that sort of place.

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