STEM Discovery in North America

Our one-of-a-kind STEM tours are on the cutting edge of science education. From Space Science and Marine Biology to Robotics and Design & Technology, we have a tour to give your pupils that fully immersive outside of the classroom experience you’ve been seeking. 

STEM Discovery in North America

Engage your pupils in ways you never thought possible. The classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to teach science. However, what if your students could actually experience science hands-on – touch it, smell it, taste it, and see it in action before their eyes? What if they could explore customs, geography and history along the way? What if they could work side-by-side with specialists in fascinating fields? With Visions in Education STEM Discovery, they can!


Our North American STEM Experiences

  • Boston & Cape Cod Science

    With an emphasis on Marine Biology, Oceanography, Natural History & Ecology, our ‘Boston & Cape Cod STEM’ tour will take science out of the classroom and into the field!  Boston is a hot spot for scientific and technological innovation as well as home to several world-renowned scientific institutions. 

  • Boston STEM

    The world of high technology and its related fields are constantly developing; pushing the limits of what is considered ‘possible’.  As home to many leading tech companies and scientific foundations, Boston is on the front lines of scientific development and is the perfect backdrop for this tour, rich with scientific intrigue and educational value.

  • Canyonlands of the Southwest

    From high mountain peaks to the depths of massive winding canyons, the wonders of the American Southwest and its magnificent beauty will simply amaze you. Reflect upon the mystery and wonder of the spectacular rock formations that populate the canyons of the American west and see some of the most incredible natural wonders of the world.

  • Capital STEM, D.C.

    Discover the history of America’s capital city whilst enriching your students’ learning through a unique, interactive science curriculum! Washington D.C. is one of the world’s most intriguing cities and as the capital city of the United States, it offers brilliant science study opportunities with loads of national museums and research agencies.

  • Cozumel STEM, Mexico

    Get ready to study Marine Biology as never before.  In this special Visions tour, students will get certified in SCUBA diving to discover one of the most incredible reefs in the world.  Jacques Cousteau called it “a diver’s paradise” and you will too.  Ranked in the top 5 international dive sites, this location is the perfect setting for budding biologists who are trying SCUBA for the first time.  Get ready to discover the brilliance awaiting you under the ocean’s surface!

  • Florida BioBlast

    Join us is Florida for a behind-the-scenes look into the world of Marine Biology, Animal Science, Wildlife and Ecology Conservation and General Biology. From the sandy and salty coastlines, to the dense everglades, Florida is a haven for the Biology discipline. 

  • Florida Forensics

    If your pupils are ready to put the theories and techniques they’ve learned in the classroom into practical field application, join us for a very special tour exploring Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation.  Students will be in and out of crime scenes learning how to lift prints from all types of surfaces, how to do casting impressions of footprints, alternate light source applications, crime scene photography, blood spatter analysis, sketching and diagramming of crime scenes, courtroom testimony and more.

  • Florida Physics

    When your group is ready to dive into Physics, we have a special tour for you!  From NASA and Universal Florida to simulated sky-diving, airboat rides, Ferris wheel spins and more, this tour showcases brilliant physics fun while enveloped in the Florida sunshine.


    Are your pupils ready to explore NYC and all its fabulous STEM possibilities?  If so, jump onboard as your students experience new initiatives in this fast-paced metropolis, continually ranked as one of the world’s top destinations. Students will get to visit the American Museum of Natural History, the incredible Liberty Science Center, check out the New York Aquarium, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, see the Statue of Liberty, rise to the Empire State Building and much, much more. Investigate new initiatives in this fascinating and much loved destination!

  • NYC Physics

    Immerse yourself in New York City for five minutes, and you’ll see why it’s like no other place on earth.  Explore the city's awesome physics features by day and then play in Manhattan nightly.  With a full schedule and Master Classes taught by experts, this tour is the ideal choice for any Physics teacher looking to take their students to the next level all while soaking in NYC’s electric energy.  

  • NYC Mathematics & Money

    Jump behind the glitter of New York City and you’ll see the true building blocks that created this magnificent city - finance, mathematics and money.  In this specialty tour you’ll delve into Mathematics like never before, all while spending time in an amazing city and seeing all the sights it’s famous for.

  • Ozarks STEM, Missouri

    Join us in Branson, Missouri for an incredible educational opportunity allowing your students to experience the rich history of the Ozarks.  From incredible cave geology to rollercoaster physics at an international award-winning theme park, from the history of the Titanic to learning about the big cats at the National Tiger Sanctuary, this trip is a perfect get away for fun and education, all within the stunning Ozark Mountains!

  • Snorkel Through Science, Florida

    Join us in Miami to kick off this brilliant 6-day Marine Biology & Oceanography tour then travel to Key Largo to discover the protected environments of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park, and the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

  • STEM & Business Masters

    When Math, Science & Engineering interests merge with business and careers start to take on a stronger focus for pupils, let us take you on an experience that will not only educate and motivate students, but will give you a brilliant week absolutely loaded with fun and excitement!  

  • Texas Space STEM

    Just what does it take to be a rocket scientist?  NASA’s Johnson Space Center is leading the way for students wishing to explore possibilities in engineering, design, physics and whole variety of incredible space sciences.  

  • The Last Frontier: Alaska

    Alaska, ‘The Last Frontier’, is a US state like no other, especially for lovers of the great outdoors! With more coastline than all the other 49 US states combined, 17 of the highest 20 US peaks, more than 3,000 rivers and over 3 million lakes, and more inland water than any other state, trekking through Alaska offers an endlessly evolving landscape of dramatic proportions. 

  • Tropical STEM, Florida

    Our Tropical STEM tour allows you to hand-pick the elements that you want included to tailor your one-of-a-kind trip to beautiful Florida.  Delve into Orlando with some of the world’s greatest theme parks and then pick your second base.  From stunning Anna Maria Island to the Florida Keys, we have multiple add-on destinations that will engage your pupils like never before.  

  • Yosemite Science, California

    When your team is ready for nature immersion with hands-on study in one of the world’s most stunning geologic wonders, you’re ready to explore Yosemite.  In one of the USA’s best national parks, study climate change, ecology, geology, watersheds, human history and more. Few things are more magnificent than the High Sierras where your students will be inspired by incredible scenery including the majestic sequoias - the oldest trees on earth, or spending a starry night watching the sky fill with an impossible number of twinkling constellations.

  • Celebrate the Southwest, Tucson

    Tucson is calling you, the free thinker and the free at heart, to explore without boundaries. Tucson’s natural landscape brings folks outdoors where there’s plenty of room to roam. 

  • Math to the Moon, Texas

    Are your students ready to study Lunar Math with NASA?  If so, join us on a spectacular trip to Johnson Space Center in Texas created just for our Visions STEM students.  This one-of-a-kind trip allows students real-world knowledge of putting Mathematics into action.  

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