STEM Discovery Worldwide

Our one-of-a-kind STEM tours are on the cutting edge of science education. From Space Science and Marine Biology to Robotics and Design & Technology, we have a tour to give your pupils that fully immersive outside of the classroom experience you’ve been seeking. 

STEM Discovery Worldwide

Engage your pupils in ways you never thought possible. The classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to teach science. However, what if your students could actually experience science hands-on – touch it, smell it, taste it, and see it in action before their eyes? What if they could explore customs, geography and history along the way? What if they could work side-by-side with specialists in fascinating fields? With Visions in Education STEM Discovery, they can!

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Worldwide STEM Experiences

  • Amazing Africa

    This brilliant Visions experience dives into biology, geography, geology, animal science, ecology, astronomy, navigation, history and African culture!  Amazing Africa is a 9 night romp with curriculum and activities that enlighten, entertain and open up the behind-the-scenes world of science!

  • Costa Rica STEM

    Known across the globe as a leader in biodiversity, sustainability and eco-science, Costa Rica is a truly awe-inspiring destination that will motivate your students like no other.  From ecology to biology, earth science to agriculture, get ready to explore science and geography like you’ve never experienced! 

  • India Unveiled

    The mystique of India – the sights, the sounds, the scents…. When you are ready to explore a new world let us take you to an old one, the magnificent country of India.  This special 7-day tour will cover three of India’s ancient and most mesmerizing cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

  • Oriental STEM

    China is an absolutely fascinating country and the cultural aspects are incredible! As you make your way around the country, students will study brilliant societies and sciences of yesteryears through modern development.

  • Outback Biology - Australia

    Australia, where emerald rainforests climb coastal mountains and then give way to kangaroo-filled savannah lands, then stretching into endless crimson outback. Our amazing Outback Biology tour gives our schools the best of Australia’s nature, culture and action right at your feet. 

  • New Zealand STEM Studies

    With rugged mountains and remote valleys, New Zealand was thrust onto the world’s stage with it’s incredible beauty.  Look for stunning beaches, fjords, lakes and generous swathes of forest, not to mention age-old Maori culture, forward-looking cities and, famously, a world-class array of outdoor activities. 

  • The Worlds of Ecuador

    Soak up the culture as you discover Quito, Mindo and Baños; explore the sheer beauty of the Andes Mountain Range and the Cotopaxi Volcano! Combining speciality STEM Master Classes with fabulous excursions like river tubing, mountain biking and hiking make this trip something very special. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in two service projects!

  • Costa Rica Rainforest Biology Camp

    Nestled deep in the stunning Costa Rica rainforest of the Central Caribbean region is the Veragua Rainforest Biology Center.  Set in Brisas de Veragua with enchanting views of the endless mountains of the Talamanca Range, the area is surrounded by 100% rainforest.  

  • Malaysia STEM & Design

    Natural beauty, history and a diverse and varied culture await students visiting Malaysia. Split over two tropical landmasses, Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia, this multicultural and biodiverse nation is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia. Malaysia continues to develop innovations that benefit a well-developed infrastructure within Asia, making it a fantastic experiential learning journey for students.

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