Continually named in the top 5 dive locations in the world, Cozumel is Mexico's largest island, nestled just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and Playa del Carmen. 

There's nothing quite like Cozumel...  This incredible area is simply bursting with underwater wildlife to give your pupils an opportunity like no other.  And the STEM possibilities – where do we even start?  From physics to chemistry, marine biology to technology, it’s all here.  This is true science in action.  When you learn to dive, you are using STEM resources that span the entire range of influence.  Are you ready to take your class to the next level?  If so, come join us for a week of true brilliance!

Continually named in the top 5 dive locations in the world, Cozumel is Mexico's largest island, nestled just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and Playa del Carmen.  What makes diving in Cozumel amazing is the clarity of the Caribbean Sea, with up to 200 feet visibility.  Many famous oceanographers have praised these reefs for their beauty and abundant marine life. The marine park covers about 29,600 acres of safeguarded ocean and coastline estimated to be the home of 262 species of fish swimming between 105 different types of coral.  These reefs are literally teeming with sea life and of course Cozumel is known for its turtles!  Drift diving is very common in Cozumel; allowing you to float effortlessly from one turtle to the next and glide along deep walls.  The coral reefs here are punctured by swim-throughs and tunnels which lead onto the giant sponges and coral banks.  The reefs of the National Marine Park have something to offer every diver at any level, from advanced deeper dives to intro-dives for those first learning.

Our Cozumel STEM package offers a choice of earning your initial Open Water Diver certification or an Advanced or specialty certification.  It includes all training by PADI experts, all equipment, and all dives dependent upon your qualifications.  The hotel we use is a stunning property located right on the beach, all-inclusive, with 4 restaurants, multiple swimming pools, basketball, tennis, volleyball, beach soccer, kayaking, snorkeling, ping-pong and more.  Daily activities when you’re not in dive class include everything from Spanish classes to water aerobics to cooking classes.  The resort also offers nightly entertainment.  Get ready to enjoy!

From a science perspective, prior to travel you have an opportunity to opt in for specialized training with world-renowned experts.  Master Classes are done by online sync, allowing you to speak to experts across the world.  Presentations include Marine Biology, Oceanography, Conservations & Protection, plus a special self-guided online program for certification in Shark Awareness & Education.

Are you ready?

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This amazing STEM tour includes:

  • All training materials for ‘Open Water Diver’ certification including study manual & Dive Logbook for every participant
    All rental gear including wetsuit, BCD, regulator, fins, mask and snorkel for every participant
    Multilevel Recreational Dive Planner (Calculator) for all participants obtaining their initial Open Water Certification
    Ocean-based Instruction in classes of 1 instructor for every 6 pupils for participants that are not yet certified as an Open Water Diver; Classroom/Pool-based instruction in classes of 1 instructor for every 10 students
  • Participants that have previously earned their Open Water Certification are in groups of 1 guide to 8 participants
    Instruction/Certification for divers who have already achieved their Open Water Diver Certification and wish to obtain their Adventure Certification, their Advanced Open WaterDiver Certification or a Specialty Dive Certification
    Nitrox dives for those who are Nitrox certified
    All ‘ocean dives’ noted in the itinerary will be ‘boat dives.’ Each participant will have 2 tanks for each of these boat trips.